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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pronunciations, Abbreviations, Etc.

The parenthetical abbreviation, ON = Old Norse
                                                   OE = Old English
                                                   pIE = proto-Indo-European
                                                      L = Latin (used only once, when quoting a                                                                            phrase)

There is a particular character called an eth (ð) that appears in many Old Norse and Old English words that makes the voiced “th” sound (as in “this”). Because I have not, until very recently, found this character or been able to apply it to this project, I have almost always used a “dh” combination in words to signify ð. There are a few circumstances where ð should appear at the end of words, where I simply make it a “d”. My apologies for this error, eventually I hope to correct the posts.

There are several circumstances where I do not to include proper emphases over letters (like failing to make “u” into “ú”), this does effect how a word may be properly pronounced. Again, my apologies and I hope to remedy this down the road. For now, let it be known that
  • Asatru is pronouced OW-sah-troo
  • blot is pronounced bloat
  • all Norse words containing the letter “j” are pronounced “y” (as in “yes”)
  • all Old English “sc” clusters are pronounced “sh”
Some Old Norse words end in a final r. At one time, this was properly pronounced as a sort of guttaral “r/z” combination, but has become more and more difficult for contemporary people to pronounce, has become generally obsolete, and often has become a “silent r”.


  1. So proud of your accomplishment with this project, Rags! ;) I've added your blog and will be back later to browse through your harvest. Already, from the first/last paragraphs, I know this shall be well-visited by a larger readership.
    in frith & mirth --

  2. No offense Rags, but I think you need to read my entire blog then spend the time to WATCH the vids. Then you will know enough to have earned the right to post your educated opinion. Otherwise keep your "keen" observations relevant to Nordic Mythology etc. Till then, AP57

    Oh yeah, please feel free to delete this post. After all. . . it isn't relevant.

  3. I wouldn't censor you, Phoenix, that's not my game.

    And you completely manipulated "evidence" and quotations. If you paraphrase and change the meanings of things your theories look whack. I originally posted it to your blog in an attempt to be helpful and friendly, to point out that the quotation was manipulated and to assume that you had done it on accident. Yet the manipulation has not changed and you deleted my friendly query (twice). Censorship pisses me off. Especially when truth is getting censored. I even cited the material so others could verify that I was calling you out on a legitimate error.

    And I'll post this here since you can't delete this one.